This project was the brain child of Erik Walton, a peer and mentor at Mitsubishi. Once he left the company, my role was to pick up where he left off and help create the scope of work, overall feature set, then select and hire the developer, and then work with them to generate the user flow and UX, and I also art directed and managed the project. (formerly was the developer for this project.

The product groups are clearly represented on the main page, and the user taps on the photo for more information about the product, or taps on "Add to Lead" to select that product as an area of interest for the sales director to follow up with them.

Once the product groups are selected, the account rep inputs which vertical the lead works in and adds their contact information. The user also has the option to attach a photo of their business card.

The account rep confirms the information being sent and then taps "Submit". The lead goes directly into the sales director's Salesforce account as a new entry and they can follow up on the new lead.

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